L P A  -  CAPTAIN'S MAFIA  -  M P A  -  J O P A


The Lieutenants Protection Association (sometimes also called "Lieutenants Protection Agency")

is an informal group of Lieutenants (the youngest officer grade in the United States Air Force).

The Captain's Mafia is basically the same, but as the name says, for Captains.

New kid on the block is the Major's Protection Association.

The Naval version of the LPA & Captain's Mafia is the Junior Officers Protection Association.

(for your info : USA/USAF/USMC Captain = USN Lieutenant and USN Captain = USA/USAF/USMC Colonel)


L P A        
7th Airlift Squadron Willing & Able



9th Air Refueling Squadron Universal      
13th Fighter Squadron Panthers      
14th Fighter Squadron Fightin' Samurai      
17th Reconnaissance Squadron Bulls      
18h Fighter Squadron Blue Foxes      
20th Bomb Squadron The Buccaneers  


20th Reconnaissance Squadron  


23rd Bomb Squadron Bomber Barons  


25th Fighter Squadron Assam Draggins      
33rd Rescue Squadron      
36th Fighter Squadron Flying Fiend

40th Flight Test Squadron      
43rd Fighter Squadron American Hornets  


44th Fighter Squadron Vampires    
59th Test and Evaluation Squadron      
66th Rescue Squadron  


67th Fighter Squadron Fighting Cocks    
71st Fighter Squadron Iron Men      
75st Fighter Squadron Tiger Sharks      
80th Fighter Squadron Headhunter  
90th Fighter Squadron Pair-o-Dice

94th Fighter Squadron Hat-in-the-ring Gang      
114th Fighter Squadron  


122th Fighter Squadron Redhawks



170th Group

194th Fighter Squadron Griffins  


334th Fighter Squadron Fighting Eagles      
355th Fighter Squadron Fighting Eagles      
366th Fighter Wing Gun Fighters      
366th Wing Gun Fighters    
389th Fighter Squadron Thunderbolts    
390th Fighter Squadron Wild Boars      
391st Fighter Squadron Bold Tigers  
416th Flight Test Squadron Skulls      
421st Fighter Squadron Black Widows      
422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron Green Bats      
427nd Reconnaissance Squadron Spartans    
432nd Operations Group    
480th Fighter Squadron Warhawks

489th Reconnaissance Squadron    
492nd Fighter Squadron Madhatters

510th Fighter Squadron Buzzards      
524th Fighter Squadron Hounds of Heaven

535th Airlift Squadron The Tiger Line

555th Fighter Squadron Triple Nickle    
732nd Operations Group  


Test Pilot School      



12th Fighter Squadron Dirty Dozen    
27th Fighter Squadron Fighting Eagles      
36th Fighter Squadron Flying Fiend
85th Test & Evaluation Squadron Skull

90th Fighter Squadron Dicemen    
94th Fighter Squadron Hat in the Ring

199th Fighter Squadron Mai Tai's      
391st Fighter Squadron Bold Tigers      
510th Fighter Squadron Buzzards




M P A       
75th Fighter Squadron Tiger Sharks      



J O P A        
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron HSC-5 Nightdippers  


Carrier Air Wing CAW-7  


Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron HSC-9 Tridents


Helicorpter Countermeasures Squadron HM-14 Vanguard      
24th Marine Expeditionary Unit Aviation Combat Element

Fighter Attack Squadron VFA-27 Royal Maces

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron HSC-28 Dragon Whales  


Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron HSM-37 Easyriders  


Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron HSM-77 Saberhawks  


Fighter Attack Squadron VFA-83 Rampagers  


Fighter Attack Squadron VFA-103 Jolly Rogers      
Fighter Attack Squadron VFA-106 Gladiators      
Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron VAW-126 Seahawks      
Fighter Attack Squadron VFA-131 Wildcats      
Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron VAQ-140 Patriots