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Nato Tiger Association


Belgian Army Aviation History


Belgian Armed Forces, NATO & UN pocket badges


Database of all Belgian military and civil airframes from 1910 untill present day


Canadian Air Force patches & insignia


French Air Force patches


French Air Force pocket badges


French Air Force history, insignia, dates, drawings


French Naval Aviation patches


French Army Aviation patches & insignia 1


French Army Aviation patches & insignia 2


Hellenic Air Force patches 1


Hellenic Air Force patches 2


Indian Air Force patches


Irish Defence Forces patches & insignia


Italian Air Force, Naval Aviation and Army Aviation patches


Macedonian Air Force patches & insignia


NATO and world AWACS patches


Portugese Air Force & Naval Aviation patches


Royal Netherlands Air Force patches, F16 - F22 - F35 swirls and Taiwanese Air Force patches


Royal Netherlands Air Force & 32TFS USAF patches


Royal Netherlands Air Force Base Leeuwarden unit patches


Royal Norwegian Air Force patches


Royal Norwegian Armed Forces patches


Swedish squadron insignia etc.


Swiss squadron patches


Turkish Air Force patches


Ukranian Air Force patches


Civil Air Patrol patches


A-10 Warthog patches


F-100 Super Sabre patches


Fairford patches


Lakenheath patches


USAF patches 1


USAF patches 2


USAF Flying Training patches


US Military Fire Department patches


USAF Misseleer patches


USAF Pilot and Crew Flight Suit Scarves


USAF SAC patches


USN Helicopter patches


USN & USMC Helicopter patches


USN & USMC patches


C-130 patches


F-16 swirls


F-16, F-22 & F-35 patches


F-104 patches


Worldwide air force patches


Aviation wings and badges of the World Wars


Aviation uniforms & insignia of World War II


Military pilot wings of the world