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Nato Tiger Association


Belgian Army Aviation History


Belgian Armed Forces, NATO & UN pocket badges


Database of all Belgian military and civil airframes from 1910 untill present day


Canadian Air Force patches & insignia


French Air Force patches


French Air Force patches


French Air Force pocket badges


French Air Force & French Naval Aviation patches


French Naval Aviation patches


French Army Aviation patches & insignia


Hellenic Air Force patches 1


Hellenic Air Force patches 2


Indian Air Force patches


Irish Defence Forces patches & insignia


Italian Air Force, Naval Aviation and Army Aviation patches


Macedonian Air Force patches & insignia


NATO and world AWACS patches


Royal Netherlands Air Force crests


Royal Netherlands Air Force patches, F16 - F22 - F35 swirls and Taiwanese Air Force patches


Royal Netherlands Air Force & 32TFS USAF patches


Royal Norwegian Air Force patches


Royal Norwegian Armed Forces patches


Spanish Air Force & Naval Aviation patches


Swedish squadron insignia etc.


Swiss squadron patches


Turkish Air Force patches


Ukranian Air Force patches


Civil Air Patrol patches


A-10 Warthog patches


F-100 Super Sabre patches


F-111 Aardvark patches


Fairford patches


Lakenheath patches 1


Lakenheath patches 2


Soesterberg "Wolfhounds" patches


USAF patches 1


USAF patches 2


USAF Flying Training patches


US Military Fire Department patches


USAF Misseleer patches


USAF Pilot and Crew Flight Suit Scarves


USAF SAC patches


USN & USMC patches


Aviation wings and badges of the World Wars


Aviation uniforms & insignia of World War II


C-130 patches


F-16 swirls


F-16, F-22 & F-35 patches


F-104 patches


Military pilot wings of the world


Worldwide air force patches