Belgian Air Force Service Dress patches 


There are 4 basic types for these patches :                                                                                                                                              

- printed on water-resistant cloth (these are the oldest ones)                                                                                                               

- plastic on plastic

- plastic on cloth (usually felt)

- fully embroided


The patches are only worn on the left upper sleeve of the Service Dress jacket.

The patches currently worn are the ones with a more pointed shape.



Air Force Staff


Belgian Armed Forces - Air Component


HQ Fighter Group / Tactical Airforce Command


Tactical Airforce Command


1st Fighter Wing


1st Fighter Wing


1st Fighter Wing


1st Fighter Wing / 1st Wing


2nd Fighter Wing / 2nd Fighter-Bomber Wing


2nd Fighter-Bomber Wing / 2nd Tactical Wing


2nd Tactical Wing


3rd Tactical Wing


5th Fighter Wing / 9th Fighter Wing / Bierset Air Force Base


7th Fighter Wing / Chievres Air Force Base


9th Fighter-Bomber Wing


10th Fighter Wing / 10th Fighter-Bomber Wing


10th Fighter-Bomber Wing


10th Tactical Wing


13th Fighter Wing / Koksijde Air Force Base


15th Liason and Transport Wing


15th Transport Wing


15th Air Operation Post Squadron


42nd Recce Squadron


80th UAV Squadron


HQ Staff Missile Wing


Tele-guided Ground-Air Weapons Group / Missile Group / Missile Wing


Support Unit Tele-guided Ground-Air Weapons / Missile Support Wing


Missile Support Wing / Missile Support Group


Missile Support Group


9th Tele-guided Ground-Air Weapons Wing / 9th Missile Wing / 9th Operations Group


9th Operations Group


13th Tele-guided Ground-Air Weapons Wing / 13th Missile Wing / 13th Operations Group


13th Operations Group


HQ Air Force Logistical Command


Air Force Logistical Information Center


Center for Indentification and Supplies


21st Logistical Wing


21st Logistical Wing


22nd Logistical Wing


23rd Logistical wing


25th Logistical Wing


Support Wing


Instruction and Training Command


HQ Training and Support Command


Education and Training Group


Center For Military Formation


Air Force Technical Group / Air Force Base


Air Force Technical School



Elementary Flying  School


Advanced Flying Training School


Fighter-pilot School / Brustem Air Force Base


Communiation Group / TelecommunicationsWing




21st Telecommunications Support Wing


Control and Reporting Center


Control and Reporting Post / Traffic-Control Cordination Center


Armed Forces General Staff


Armed Forces General Staff Services


Kamina Air Base (in the former Belgian Kongo)


Koksijde Air Force Base


Meteo-Services / Meteo Wing


Meteo Wing


Air Force Band


Northen Army Group - Belgian Air Force Detachment


Air Force student at Royal Military School


Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe - Belgian Air Force Detachment


2nd Allied Tactical Air Force


83th Anglo-Belgian Tactical Group