1st Command and Control Squadron 



1st Expeditionary Space Control Squadron 



1st Space Control Squadron 



2nd Command and Control Squadron



2nd Space Launch Squadron



3rd Squadron, USAF Officer Training School



4th Squadron, USAF Officer Training School


4th Fighter Wing



7th Air Force



7th Intelligence Squadron



7th Suffolk Squadron, New York Wing, Civil Air Patrol



10th Fighter Squadron, Commando



10th Cadet Squadron, USAF Academy



11th Combat Defense Squadron



14th Aerospace Force




14th Air Force



14th Army Air Force



14th Flying Training Wing



14th Operations Group



15th Operations Group



18th Operations Group



20th Fighter Wing




20th Operations Group



20th Tactical Fighter Wing



23rd Aircraft Generation Squadron



23rd Civil Engineering Squadron



23rd Component Repair Squadron



23rd Fighter Group



23rd Fighter Wing



23rd Maintenance Squadron



23rd Medical Group



23rd Operational Support Squadron



23rd Operations Group



23rd Tactical Fighter Wing



23rd Wing



24th Air Operations Squadron



26th Flying Training Squadron



26th Weapons Squadron



28th Operations Group



28th Operations Support Squadron



33rd Student Squadron



33rd Flying Training Squadron



36th Tactical Fighter Wing



37th Aircraft Maintenance Unit



37th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy )



37th Bomb Squadron



37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron



37th Flying Training Squadron





41st Flying Training Squadron



45th Operations Support Squadron



47th Flying Training Wing



48th Expeditionary Fighter Wing



48th Fighter Wing



48th Operations Group



48th Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional)



51st Security Forces Squadron



52nd Fighter Wing



52nd Operations Group



52nd Tactical Fighter Wing



53rd Fighter Squadron



53rd Tactical Fighter Squadron



63rd Fighter Squadron



63rd Tactical Fighter Squadron



63rd Tactical Fighter Training Squadron



70th Armanent and Electronics Maintenance Squadron



70th Munitions Maintenance Squadron


71st Flying Training Wing



74th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit



74th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron



74th Fighter Squadron



74th Tactical Fighter Squadron



75th Composite Squadron, Georgia Wing, Civil Air Patrol



75th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit



75th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron



75th Fighter Interceptor Squadron



75th Fighter Squadron



75th Tactical Fighter Squadron



76th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron



76th Fighter Squadron



76th Fighter Interceptor Squadron



76th Space Control Squadron



76th Space Operations Squadron



76th Tactical Fighter Squadron



77th Air Refueling Squadron




77th Waepons Squadron




79th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron



79th Fighter Squadron




79th Tactical Fighter Squadron



80th Fighter Training Squadron



81st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron



81st Fighter Bomber Squadron



81st Fighter Squadron





81st Tactical Fighter Squadron



85th Flying Training Squadron




90th Tactical Fighter Squadron



97th Combat Defense Squadron



97th Flying Training Squadron



97th Security Police Squadron



99th Flying Training Squadron



102nd Fighter Wing



103rd Pararescue Squadron



108th Air Refueling Wing



108th Operations Support Squadron



108th Tactical Fighter Wing



120th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron



120th Fighter Squadron



120th Tactical Fighter Squadron



126th Composite Squadron, Missouri Wing, Civil Air Patrol



130th Composite Squadron, Minnestota Wing, Civil Air Patrol



141st Air Refueling Squadron



141st Tactical Fighter Squadron



152nd Fighter Squadron



152nd Tactical Fighter Squadron



159th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron



195th ............



314th Air Division



323rd Flying Training Wing



324th Intelligence Squadron



325th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)



325th Bomb Squadron



325th Tactical Training Wing



325th Weapons Squadron



332nd Expeditionay Rescue Maintenance Squadron



347th Operational Support Squadron



347th Tactical Airlift Squadron



347th Wing



351st Air Refueling Squadron



366th Supply Squadron



366th Tactical Fighter Wing



366th Wing



380th Civil Engineering Squadron



387th Air Expeditionay Group



388th Fighter Wing



391st Aircraft Maintenance Unit (366th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron)



391st Expeditionay Fighter Squadron



391st Fighter Squadron




391st Tactical Fighter Squadron



393rd Bombardment Squadron (Medium)



393rd Bomb Squadron




393rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron



418th Flight Test Squadron




420th Air Refueling Squadron



425th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron




430th Electronic Combat Squadron



430th Tactical Fighter Squadron



432nd Security Police Squadron



437nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron



446th Strategic Missile Squadron



450th Flying Training Squadron



453rd Electronic Warfare Squadron



453rd Flying Training Squadron



453rd Test Squadron



454th Combat Defense Squadron



454th Flying Training Squadron



460th Fighter Interceptor Squadron



460th Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron



474th Tactical Fighter Wing



476th Aerospace Medicine Flight



476th Fighter Group



489th Attack Squadron



494th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron



494th Espeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron



494th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron



494th Fighter Squadron



494th Tactical Fighter Squadron



498th Fighter Interceptor Squadron



509th Operations Group



521st Air Expeditionary Advisary Squadron



535th Airlift Squadron




535th Tactical Airlift Squadron



544th Information Operations Group



561st Tactical Fighter Squadron



600th Photo Squadron



601st Supply Squadron



606th Special Operations Squadron



607th Air Intelligence Squadron



614th Air & Space Operations Center



614th Space Operations Squadron



755th Operations Support Squadron



756th Airlift Squadron



756th Air Refueling Squadron



756th Military Airlift Squadron



756th Tactical Airlift Squadron



757th Airlift Squadron



757th Tactical Airlift Squadron



905th Air Refueling Squadron



906th Tactical Fighter Group



909th Air Refueling Squadron



924th Air Refueling Squadron



1908th Communications Squadron



3500th Pilot Training Squadron



3526th Student Squadron



3550th Student Squadron



3606th Observer Training Squadron



3610th Navigator Training Squadron



3615th Pilot Training Squadron



3615th Student Squadron



3617th Pilot Training Squadron



3752d Field Training Squadron - Detachment 309



4252nd Strategic Wing



4430th Combat Crew Training Squadron



4440th Tactical Fighter Training Group



6924th Security Squadron



6555th Aerospace Test Group



Air Force Reserve Command



Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps



Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps


Air Mobility Warfare Center



Alliance Aviation Center of Excellence



Cope Tiger



Flying Training Classes



General Electric J79 turbojet engine



Joint Space Operations Center



Tanker patches